WVU Strasbourg Semester in European Affairs

This is a full semester program, currently taught each Fall, that is broadly focused on European Affairs with courses on the European Union, international management/business and French language. With its interdisciplinary focus, the Strasbourg program is especially well-suited for International Studies majors—particularly those with interests in European affairs, international business, and diplomacy/international security. All courses can be used to count towards either the “analytic” or area studies” of these areas of emphases. The main courses in the program do not have extensive prerequisites beyond the courses in the introductory core curriculum of the International Studies major, so I.S. majors can enroll in the program as early as their sophomore year.

The Strasbourg Semester Program is a WVU “Mountaineer Program Abroad” and, as such, is a hybrid of a “faculty-led program” and a full “semester exchange” program. This is true in two respects. First, the academic program has been developed by International Studies Program and the French Language Program in collaboration with University of Strasbourg and, in particular, its internationalized School of Management. All courses offered on the program are taught by University of Strasbourg faculty, but two courses have been designed specifically for WVU students on the program with WVU faculty occasionally serving as guest lecturers). All other courses the program are courses offered at the University of Strasbourg courses, and WVU students take them with other international students enrolled in the University as part of an exchange program. Click here for complete details on the WVU Strasbourg Semester curriculum.

The second way in which the Strasbourg Semester is a “hybrid” program is that WVU students receive considerable support as they study abroad in Strasbourg. Living arrangements are provided as part of the Strasbourg Semester. These have been arranged by the WVU Office of International Programs through German company that has long been involved in supporting academic programs abroad: “Customized Educational Program Abroad” (CEPA). WVU students participating in the program all live in a recently refurbished “chateau” in a suburb just outside of Strasbourg. CEPA has resident staff at the chateau who are available to provide and support needed by WVU students on the program. In addition, CEPA arranges and directs all of the numerous excursions. Click her for further information on living arrangements and support on the Strasbourg Semester Program.

Furthermore, WVU has well-established relations with both the University of Strasbourg and CEPA. WVU faculty work closely with University of Strasbourg faculty and staff in constructing the course schedules preferred by participating students. WVU’s International Studies faculty and the Office of International Programs are in regular contact with the international office staff and key course faculty throughout the semester. Similarly, WVU’s OIP staff works with the CEPA staff to deal with any issues that students might encounter living in or adjusting to life at the chateau or in Strasbourg. Finally, WVU staff and faculty visit the Strasbourg Program at opening orientation or later to deliver guest lectures and advise students.