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Alumni and Student Success

Students from the International Studies program have made successful careers following graduation. Here are a few highlights from Alumni of the International Studies program.

Caroline Bailer

Professional Experience

  ACDI/VOCA International

        Associate Director, Gender and Youth
        Gender and Youth Advisor/TLA BD Manager
        Senior Technical Learning Coordinator
        Senior Project Coordinator
        Project Coordinator

  NCBA CLUSA International

        Program Associate
        Business Development Associate

  World Cocoa Foundation


Caroline Bailey

West Virginia University

B.A., International Studies and Political Science

George Washington University

M.A., International Development Studies
"The WVU International Studies Program provided me with many foundational opportunities which supported my further studies and career growth. Studying abroad in rural Tanzania not only solidified my desire to pursue a career in international development, but also provided me the opportunity to learn Swahili, which helped me meet the requirements of my master's degree and continues to serve me in my travels to East Africa. Taking courses across disciplines such as geography, history, and statistics allowed me to acquire broad knowledge as well as specific skills which led me to my current specialization in gender, youth, and social inclusion integration in agriculture and economic growth programs."
Kara Dray

  Professional Experience


        Risk Manager

  BNY Mellon

        Principal Informational Security Analyst


        Senior Consultant

  Dallas ISD

        Teacher, Department Chair

Kara Dray

West Virginia University

B.A., International Studies

American University

M.A., International Relations and Affairs
"The WVU International Studies program gave me a solid foundation to build on providing me with a well-developed toolkit to be able to adapt and thrive in new environments. The multidisciplinary emphasis, study abroad opportunities, and participation in Model UN made me a competitive candidate for masters' programs and future job prospects giving me the opportunities that lead to my current career path." Kara Dray