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Study Abroad

Students majoring in international studies are strongly encouraged complete at least one study abroad experience as part of the major. Foreign study enhances international studies curriculum in three ways. First, studying abroad enables students to become immersed in a foreign culture and intensively develop foreign language skills. Second, studying abroad provides the opportunity to take international studies courses on a particular country or region taught from a non-U.S. perspective. Third, such courses are likely to be more specialized than those offered at WVU. As a result, they often build upon and extend what is learned in the international studies major. Coursework taken as part of an accredited foreign study program can be credited toward requirements in each area of emphasis in the international studies major. Because study abroad enhances the interdisciplinary and international scope of the international studies major, it is the ideal way to complete the WVU capstone requirement as an international studies student. A wide array of study abroad experiences are readily available at WVU and are managed through WVU’s Office of International Programs.